Juanra Noriega is a professional travel photographer based in Spain.

As a professional photographer specializing in travel, my art focuses on capturing the essence and soul of each destination. From breathtaking landscapes to storytelling tribal portraits, to the majesty of wildlife and the vibrant pulse of cosmopolitan cities. My lens not only captures images, it reveals narratives.

Throughout my career, I have been honored with several awards in prestigious international photography competitions. My works have been exhibited in renowned galleries in New York and Paris, a recognition that speaks of my dedication to both artistic and technical excellence.

I lead photo tours through Namaste Photo Tourstaking photography and travel enthusiasts to explore the most spectacular corners of the planet.

Whether you are an amateur photographer, an experienced photographer, or just want to get started, my Photo Tours are designed to enrich your skills, teaching you to see the world through a lens. I offer my knowledge and experience on every trip, ensuring that each participant takes away not only great photographs, but also unforgettable memories.

This website is a portal to my world, a place where I share my work, my travels and my vision. I invite you to explore my gallerywhere each image is a window to a fascinating world. And if you're ready to grab your camera and join me on an unparalleled photographic adventure, I'll be here to guide you.

To purchase any of my work, or if you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me at info@juanranoriega.com .